Als Erste Rein, Als Letzte Raus!


The motto of the 5th SS "Wiking" re-enactment unit, the largest living history & World War Two re-enactment unit of the World War Two Historical Re-Enactment Society (WWIIHRS) based in Midwest USA. Our members are from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Southern Wisconsin, and Ontario.

This site is dedicated to all World War Two Re-enactors and 5th SS "Wiking" World War Two living history. If you are interested in 5th SS "Wiking" World War Two re-enacting or just a history buff of the period, this site is for you! We will try to provide you one of the best sources of information about events, equipment and weapons, along with real historical data. This group represents a combat group of German Waffen(Combat)-SS soldiers during the Second World War.

All members of this nonprofit group have had a common interest in the German side of the war and want to tell the story of the average combat soldier of the German military.