About Us

Who is 5.SS Panzerdivision Wiking? We are a group of World War Two Reenactors (also called 'Living Historians' by some). This group represents a combat group of German Waffen(Combat)-SS soldiers during the second world war. All members of this nonprofit group have had a common interest in the German side of the war and want to tell the story of the average combat soldier of the German military. Our reenactment unit is based in the mid-west area of the United States and is the largest chartered group of the World War Two Historical Reenactment Society, Inc. (WWIIHRS,Inc.) which hosts over 1000 reenactors all over the mid-west from all sides of the war.

This group is dedicated to presenting the history of the division which we portray in our hobby of reenacting; the 5.SS Panzerdivision, Wiking. Specifically, we portray a Sturmpionier Zug (combat assault engineer) within 2.Kompanie (armored) of the division's Pioniere Bataillon; written: 2/SS.Panzer.Pionier.Batalion. 5 "Wiking". Each member pays for their own reproduction equipment, uniforms, weapons, and traveling expenses!

Our unit consists of members in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and even a couple in Canada. As of now, we can field a full array of small arms (which fire blanks) and engineering equipment, but we Wikinger are always on the look out for more men and equipment! For those members that want to expand their reenacting experience, we also have full automatic weapons for rent! As dedicated living historians, we are also very much into preserving the little odds and ends that the German combat soldier would use day-to-day, such as the music, food, personal effects, etc. Detail in this hobby is as important to us as it is in the building of a good model Panzer. Racism or any type of embracement of Nazi idealogy of any kind is strictly prohibited by this reenactment unit and our parent organization WWIIHRS, please review our disclaimer on the main page!

Historically, the 5th SS division "Wiking" only fought on the Eastern Front against the Soviets. However, we do attend Western Front re-enactment events as there are few Ostfront only re-enactments. If your interested in joining or learning more about reenacting, please contact us.