Hauptscharführer - Chief Platoon Leader

Hauptscharführer was a paramilitary rank which was used by the Schutzstaffel (SS) between the years of 1934 and 1945. The rank was the highest enlisted rank of the SS, with the exception of the special Waffen-SS rank of Sturmscharführer. Translated as "head (or chief) squad leader", (the equivalent of a "Master Sergeant") Hauptscharführer became an SS rank after a reorganization of the SS following the Night of the Long Knives.The first use of Hauptscharführer was in June 1934 when the rank replaced the older SA title of Obertruppführer.

In the Waffen-SS, Hauptscharführer was a rank bestowed upon company and battalion non-commissioned officers and was considered the second highest enlisted rank, below that of Sturmscharführer. Those holding the Waffen-SS rank of Hauptscharführer were typically also granted the title of Stabsscharführer, which was an appointment held by the senior SS non-commissioned officer of a company, battalion, or regiment. The insignia for Hauptscharführer was two silver pips, with a silver stripe centred on a black collar patch. On field grey uniforms, the rank was worn with silver collar piping and the Wehrmacht shoulder boards of an Oberfeldwebel.

Senior in rank to - Oberscharführer
Junior in rank to -Sturmscharführer