SS Pionier - Assault Engineer

The Pionier is essentialy an Assault Pioneer or Engineer. The rank is equivelant to a Sch├╝tze or basic rifleman. In the SS a Pionier is an infantry soldier who is responsible for the construction of tools for infantry soldiers to cross natural and man-made obstacles as well as breaching of enemy fortifications; Supervising the construction of field defensive works such as bunkers, support weapon firing positions, etc; The use of demolitions, land mines and booby traps, as well as their clearance; and performing of all other normal infantry duties as the situation requires. The Pionier is the lowest of the enlisted ranks in a Waffen-SS Pionier unit and constitutes the majority of 2/SS Pz. Pi. Btl. 5 "Wiking" members.

Senior in rank to - Bewerber (candidate)
Junior in rank to - Oberpionier