Rottenführer - Section Leader

Rottenführer became an SS rank in 1932. Rottenführer commanded a rotte (English: team, equal to a squad or section) usually numbering no more than five to seven persons. Within the Waffen-SS, Rottenführer was considered equivalent to an Obergefreiter in the German Wehrmacht. While having command over some troops, a Rottenführer in the Waffen-SS was not considered a non-commissioned officer rank. The insignia for Rottenführer consisted of two double silver stripes on a bare collar patch. On field grey SS uniforms, the sleeve chevrons of an Obergefreiter (senior lance-corporal) were also worn. In other militaries of the world, an SS-Rottenführer would be the equivelant of a Corporal.

Senior in rank to - Sturmann
Junior in rank to -Unterscharführer