Scharführer - Squad Leader

Scharführer was a Waffen-SS title that was used by several paramilitary organizations from 1925 to 1945. Translated as “squad leader”, the title of Scharführer can trace its origins to the First World War, where a Scharführer was often a sergeant or corporal who commanded special action or shock trooper squads. The term schar means "squad" or "troop". The Wehrmacht equivalent was the Unterfeldwebel. Scharführer was the first non-commissioned officer rank of the Waffen-SS and was denoted by a single pip centered on a collar patch with an additional silver stripe. In other militaries of the world, an SS-Scharführer would be the equivalent of a Platoon Sergeant Major.

Senior in rank to - Unterscharführer
Junior in rank to -Oberscharführer