Sturmann - Storm Man/Storm Trooper

Sturmmann (English: storm man or storm trooper) was a paramilitary rank that was first created in the year 1921. The rank of Sturmmann was used by the Sturmabteilung (SA) and the Schutzstaffel (SS).
The word originated during World War I when Sturmmann was a position held by soldiers in German pioneer assault companies, also known as "shock troops". Within Wiking, a SS-Sturmmann is senior to an SS-Oberpionier. The rank of Sturmmann was junior, in both the SS and SA, to the rank of Rottenführer. The insignia for Sturmmann consisted of a bare collar patch with a single silver stripe. The field grey uniforms of the Waffen-SS also displayed the sleeve chevron of a Gefreiter. In the militaries of other nations, Sturmann was the equivalent of a Lance Corporal.

Senior in rank to - Oberpionier
Junior in rank to -Rottenfürher