Tank Destruction Badge

The Tank Destruction Badge - Sonderabzeichen für das Niederkämpfen von Panzerkampfwagen durch Einzelkämpfer - was a World War II German military decoration awarded to individuals of the Wehrmacht who had single-handedly destroyed an enemy tank using a hand-held weapon. Anti-tank units were ineligible for this award. It was established by Adolf Hitler on 9 March 1942, but could be awarded for actions dating back to 22 June 1941 (the start of Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union). On 18 December 1943, a gold class was introduced that recognised the single-handed destruction of five tanks. A soldier could therefore have four silver badges which would all be replaced by a gold version upon the destruction of a fifth tank (to which separate silver could be added thereafter).

Type: Badge
Eligibility: Military personnel
Awarded: for destroying an enemy tank with a hand-held weapon
Campaign: World War II
Status: Obsolete
Established: 9 March, 1942
Awarded: Approx. 18,500 Silver
Approx. 400 Gold