SS Unterscharführer - Junior Squad Leader

The Waffen-SS use of Unterscharführer was as a junior squad commander, one of several attached to company and platoon sized formations. The rank was considered the equivalent to the first Waffen-SS officer candidate rank of SS-Junker. Requirements of a battlefield non-commissioned Unterscharführer were higher than that expected of an Unterscharführer in the General SS. In the Waffen-SS, candidates were required to undergo a selection process before being promoted. The insignia was a button pip centered on a collar patch opposite an SS unit insignia collar badge. The field grey SS uniform displayed the rank with silver collar piping and the shoulder boards of an Unteroffizier. In militaries of the world, an SS-Unterscharführer would be the equivalent of a Sergeant.

Senior in rank to - Rottenführer
Junior in rank to -Scharführer